Fat Loss Pills, And Abs Machines: A Story That Will Make You Change Your Mind About Them

Have you ever sat in front of T.V and watched one of those Abs machine or fat loss pills commercials? Maybe you were tempted to buy one of those products at some point. Well, I have a funny story about a guy who had the same experience.

John Lazyfella is an average looking guy, with a bit of a chunky belly. This guy has tried every fat loss pill and fitness supplement there is, yet he was just gaining weight instead of losing it. One day while he was watching T.V as usual, a commercial popped up. It was a commercial about the latest high-tech Abs machine.

The very expensive “Abs Wizard ZX5000” promised great results, and even showed the guys who were using it, they looked awesome.

Stunned by all those perfectly shaped athletes he saw on the commercial, John Lazyfella thought “Man, this is how they do it then. I’m going to get my phone right now and call those guys to get this shipped to me right away! I can’t wait until it gets delivered” and then he sat around for the next couple of weeks, watching TV, and eating ice cream and cookies while waiting for his awesome new abs machine to get delivered.

DING DONG! “Your delivery is here sir”. Ok, with big hopes John extradited his delivery, and he was so happy about it that he gave the FedEx guy a 50$ tip. He ripped the package eagerly, and there it is… the magical solution to all his problems… “Hallelujah, No more belly fat from now on, let’s get those babies to show up” John said while tapping on his belly.

He assembled his newly acquired machine, and started to work out. What an intense workout that was, He was sweating like a young lady on labor. Everything looks promising; “it’s a matter of weeks before I get a sick pack abs” he affirmed.

Weeks went by, yet he was still maintaining the same weight. “It’s impossible; I must be doing something wrong.” Determined that it is his fault, that the machine didn’t deliver the results it promised, John decided to Google a good diet that will make him lose weight faster.

He found what he was looking for, and started over with a diet plan in effect. This time his weight was decreasing, but his belly still looked the same. After a few more weeks John Lazyfella got stagnated and Bit by bit he started to lose faith in his machine, until he eventually gave up.

Seeing how much time and money he wasted, John got frustrated and threw his new “Abs wizard ZX5000” on the basement along with all the quick fixes he bought before. Determined that he will get those abs no matter what, he decided to stop taking shortcuts and went heavy on research to learn the effective way to burn fat.

John did his homework, and he finally found what he seeks. This time he was going to the gym regularly, eating healthy food, and just enjoying his new lifestyle. After a couple of months, John’s body has transformed and so was his life. He looked great, anything he wears it fits him perfectly, he gets much more respect from his friends, and he now has a gorgeous girlfriend who loves and admires him.

Moral of the story is those commercialized quick fixes are nothing but crap. In order to get ripped you need to work out, so go get yourself into a gym, and start working your ass off to get to where you want to be.

Article Source: Fat Burner For Men  Best Fat Burner For Women